Should you ever doubt if the different ancestry groups stick together, then doubt no longer! This fascinating group of maps sets out to capture where most of different races are now living in the United states.

Census 2000 Data Top US Ancestries by County

Census 2000 Data Top US Ancestries by County

Groups such as German-Americans, Irish-Americans and Mexican-American are superbly highlighted within these maps showing areas that different races have migrated to.

People with German ancestry make up 30% of the population in the Midwest, while only 10% are found farther south towards California.

Individuals with Irish ancestry can be largely found in the North East and rarely further south, while People that have Mexican ancestry are primarily found in the south west, with barely any located as far as New England.

The maps contain such information as population numbers of each ethic group, but they do include people who are part of multiple groups.

These maps form the largest collection of ancestry and racial groups within the United states.

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