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Maps of Wyoming

Discover the past of Wyoming through State maps in our online collection of old historical maps that span over 100 years of growth. View Wyoming Maps such as historical county boundaries changes as well as old vintage maps.

Maps of Wyoming

Maps can be very useful in conducting Wyoming research, especially in light of the now extinct communities. Several kinds of maps are available which can help in locating land, ghost towns, or farms. Most historical maps of Wyoming were published in atlases.

1872 Map of the Wyoming Territory

1872 Map of the Wyoming Territory

Several types of maps are useful for genealogists. Tracing the history of early families in Wyoming is much easier if the researcher has an understanding of Wyoming gazetteers and maps.

The Territory of Wyoming, originally was part of Dakota Territory, was organized on July 25, 1868 and existed until July 10, 1890, when it was admitted to the Union as the State of Wyoming. Cheyenne was the territorial capital.

Wyoming was created as a the 44th state on July 10, 1890. Wyoming has 23 Counties.

Map of Wyoming State with the Counties and the County Seats

Map of Wyoming State with the Counties and the County Seats

States bordering Wyoming are ColoradoMontanaNebraskaSouth DakotaUtah and Idaho. The 10 largest cities in Wyoming are Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Gillette, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Green River, Evanston, Riverton and Cody.

Any Historical Wyoming Map can indicate who owned specific property in the state and which towns held the county seat at the time.  This information is a valuable starting point for your research pointing you to the right location of records.

Solving Research Problems with a Wyoming Maps – If you have started your family research, you might have experienced trouble with trying to identify Tennessee city borders and names that have changed over the course of time. This can make it difficult to understand where your ancestors’ information is kept.

Because Wyoming historic maps were usually commissioned by the county seat, they often display information about the county, including town names. Reading a Wyoming map from the time period you are researching can help tremendously in solving these problems by leading you to the correct town records. It can also give you other leads, such as the location of city directories or old post offices in Wyoming .

Choosing the Best Wyoming Map – If you have a large source of maps to choose from, try starting with the area where your ancestors resided and looking for the maps with the most detail.  You can determine a lot by seeing if the area was still rural or more developed, and how far it was to the nearest city.  This can shed light on your family’s lifestyle and occupation. Were they farmers who lived in the country, or merchants who traveled often to a nearby city?  A map can give you an idea of what occupations were possible.

Old Historical Atlas Maps of Wyoming

This Historical Wyoming Map Collection are from original copies so you can see Wyoming as our ancestors saw them over a hundred years ago.

Some Wyoming map years (not all) have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines and other features useful to the Wyoming researcher.

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Wyoming County Map Formations 1848-1965

This Interactive Map of Wyoming Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from 1848 to 1965.

Wyoming contains 23 counties. In 1867 the first Wyoming counties were formed.

The first 2 counties created were Sweetwater County and Laramie County.

the last county to be formed was Teton County on February 15, 1921.


Wyoming County Map Formation by Year

Wyoming Map Abbreviations

  1. unorg. = unorganized
  2. g. = gained
  3. w. = with
  4. fr. = from
  5. atmt. = attachment
  6. exch = exchanged
  7. nca.= non county area
  8. ch. = changed
  9. Alb - Albany Co.
  10. BH - Big Horn Co.
  11. Cam - Campbell Co.

Wyoming County Map of Road and Highway's

The Wyoming D.O.T. Highway Department does not have Wyoming County Map available at this time.

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