Old Historical State, County and City Maps of West Virginia

Maps of West Virginia

Most historical maps of West Virginia were published in atlases. Within the atlases are historical maps, illustrations, and histories many of which contain family names ideal for genealogical research.

Most historical maps of West Virginia were published in atlases. Maps of early Virginia are crucial when tracing colonial families on the frontier that would later become West Virginia.

Map Of West Virginia County Map of Boundaries and County Seats
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Map Of West Virginia County Map of Boundaries and County Seats

Present-day county road maps can be obtained from West Virginia Department of Highways. These maps show the location of many cemeteries.

The West Virginia and Regional History Collection and The Family History Library (FHL) have sizable collections of West Virginia maps, including nineteenth-century landownership maps.

It’s important to remember that West Virginia was once part of Virginia.  So, viewing early Virginia maps is the best way to track the movements of early West Virginia pioneers and frontier families.

Luckily, many such maps exist, and they often show useful information, such as cemetery locations.  The FHL and the West Virginia and Regional History Collection each have many landownership maps from the 1800s, as well as other West Virginia maps on file. 

See Maps of Virginia For Maps earlier than 1863.

The State of West Virginia was created as the 35th state on June 20, 1863. States bordering West Virginia are KentuckyMarylandOhioPennsylvaniaVirginia

The 10 largest cities in West Virginia are Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Morgantown, Weirton, Fairmont, Beckley, Clarksburg and Martinsburg.

Map of West Virginia County Formations 1863-1995

This Interactive West Virginia County Maps show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from 1863 to 1995. West Virginia contains 55 counties.

West Virginia County Map Formation by Year

West Virginia County Map Abbreviations

  1. unorg. = unorganized
  2. g. = gained
  3. w. = with
  4. fr. = from
  5. atmt. = attachment
  6. exch = exchanged
  7. nca.= non county area
  8. ch. = changed
  9. Bar – Barbour
  10. Ber – Berkeley
  11. Boo – Boone
  12. Bra – Braxton
  13. Bro – Brooke
  14. Cab – Cabell
  15. Cal – Calhoun
  16. Cly – Clay
  17. Do – Doddridge
  18. Fay – Fayette
  19. Gmr – Gilmer
  20. Gra – Grant
  21. Grb – Greenbrier
  1. Ham – Hampshire
  2. Hck – Hancock
  3. Hdy – Hardy
  4. Hsn – Harrison
  5. Jac – Jackson
  6. Je – Jefferson
  7. Ka – Kanawha
  8. Lew – Lewis
  9. Li – Lincoln
  10. Log – Logan
  11. Mas – Mason
  12. Mc – McDowell
  13. Mer – Mercer
  14. Mgl – Monongalia
  15. Mnl – Mineral
  16. Mno – Mingo
  17. Mor – Morgan
  18. Mrn – Marion
  19. Mro – Monroe
  20. Msl – Marshall
  21. Ni – Nicholas
  1. Oh – Ohio
  2. Pe – Pendleton
  3. Pl – Pleasants
  4. Poc – Pocahontas
  5. Pr – Preston
  6. Put – Putnam
  7. Ral – Raleigh
  8. Ran – Randolph
  9. Rit – Ritchie
  10. Rne – Roane
  11. Su – Summers
  12. Tay – Taylor
  13. Tu – Tucker
  14. Ty – Tyler
  15. Up – Upshur
  16. Way – Wayne
  17. Web – Webster
  18. Wet – Wetzel
  19. Wir – Wirt
  20. Wod – Wood
  21. Wyo – Wyoming

Old Historical Atlas Maps of West Virginia

This Historical West Virginia Map Collection are from original copies so you can see West Virginia as our ancestors saw them over a hundred years ago.

Some West Virginia map years (not all) have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines and other features useful to the West Virginia researcher.

External West Virginia Map Links

West Virginia County Map of Road and Highway’s

The West Virginia D.O.T. Highway Department has prepared a series of 2015 county road maps. These maps contain more detailed information about man-made features than the geological survey maps. In addition to roads and boundaries, these maps include rural communities, churches, and cemeteries.

These maps are downloadable and are in PDF format. The main use of these are the locations of all known cemeteries in a county and of course the various roads and church locations. These Maps are Free to Download

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