Old 1795 Atlas Map of Kentucky

One of the most interesting regional maps of the period. Early map of Kentucky, showing primarily the region around the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers, from northern Georgia to Western Territory. The map is centered on the Cumberland River. Shows Southwestern Territory, Tennessee Government, area reserved for the North Carolina Troops, Donation Lands from the Commonwealth of Virignia, etc.

A number of counties are located, as are towns, roads, rivers, court houses, etc. The map first appeared in Winterbotham’s View of the American United States. Includes all of Kentucky, most of Tennessee, called South Western Territory and Tennessee Government.

Upper left is North Western Territory with tracts called New Jersey Company, Wabash Company and Genl. Clarks Grant 150,000 Acres. Extends west to New Madrid, south to Creeks Crossing Place and a fort near Muscle Shoals, east to Harmans Station in Kentucky.

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Map Features

  • Locations: North Westrn Territory and Virginia are shown outside the area known as Kentucky. Rivers include the Mississippi, Ohio, Wabash, Kentucky, Cumberland, Green, and others. Shows forts, traces, trails, etc.
  • Rivers include the Mississippi, Ohio, Wabash, Kentucky, Cumberland, Green, and others.
  • Towns of St. Vincents, Columbia, Danville, Harrodburg, Bairdtown, Vienna, and others are featured in this map.
  • Settlements include Knoxville, Nashville, Clarksville, (in Tenn.) Lexington, Louisville, Bairds Town (sic).

Map Notes

  • Contributor: Barker, Elihu and Carey, Mathew
  • Relief shown pictorially.
  • Prime meridian: London and Philadelphia.
  •  Includes descriptive notes.
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