Old Historical City, County and State Maps of Florida

Our collection of old historical maps of Florida span over 300 years of growth. View Florida Maps such as historical county boundaries changes, old vintage maps, as well as road / highway maps for all 67 counties in Florida.

Maps of Florida

Most historical maps of Florida were published in atlases. Within the atlases are historical maps, illustrations, and histories many of which contain family names ideal for genealogical research. Others are rare antique maps dating back as early as 1548.

Map of Florida state designed in illustration with the counties and the county seats

Map of Florida state designed in illustration with the counties and the county seats

The Florida Territory was organized on March 30, 1821. The State of Florida was created as the 27th state on March 3, 1845. States bordering Florida are Georgia and Alabama.

Several types of maps are useful for genealogists. Some give historical background of the area or show migration routes such as roads, rivers, and railroads. Topographical maps show physical features, such as creeks and hills, and man-made features, such as roads, cemeteries, and churches. Plat and land ownership maps and other types of maps are described in United States Maps.

One of the biggest Caribbean and Florida map collections available is located in Gainesville at the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, which is part of the University of Florida Libraries. Many of the maps are either prints or originals.

Many images of Florida maps from 1564 to 1926 can also be viewed online. That includes the Sanborn maps for the state. Many early to modern Florida maps can also be found in Cocoa at the Florida Historical Society Library.

Maps from all of the following sources are included in the PALMM World Map Collection:

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Florida International University
  • Florida State University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Miami
  • University of North Florida
  • University of South Florida

The Sanborn maps were made between the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Urban areas may also have other fire insurance maps available. A set of original Sanborn map duplicate copies can be found at the University of Florida Libraries Map Department. The Library of Congress transferred them there. That collection is also available on microfilm in many libraries across the country. Online catalogs may list libraries that have the collection on file.

Any Historical Florida Map can indicate who owned specific property in the state and which towns held the county seat at the time.  This information is a valuable starting point for your research pointing you to the right location of records.

Solving Research Problems with a Florida Maps – If you have started your family research, you might have experienced trouble with trying to identify Florida city borders and names that have changed over the course of time. This can make it difficult to understand where your ancestors’ information is kept.

Because Florida historic maps were usually commissioned by the county seat, they often display information about the county, including town names. Reading a Florida map from the time period you are researching can help tremendously in solving these problems by leading you to the correct town records. It can also give you other leads, such as the location of city directories or old post offices in Florida.

Choosing the Best Florida Map – If you have a large source of maps to choose from, try starting with the area where your ancestors resided and looking for the maps with the most detail.  You can determine a lot by seeing if the area was still rural or more developed, and how far it was to the nearest city.  This can shed light on your family’s lifestyle and occupation. Were they farmers who lived in the country, or merchants who traveled often to a nearby city?  A map can give you an idea of what occupations were possible.

Map of Florida County Formations 1821 to 1997

This Interactive Map of Florida Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from the creation of Florida in 1821 to 1997.

Florida contains 67 counties. Escambia and Saint Johns Counties was the first counties created in 1821. The last county to be formed was Gilchrist County in 1925.


Florida County Formation Years

Florida Map Abbreviations

  1. unorg. = unorganized
  2. g. = gained
  3. w. = with
  4. fr. = from
  5. atmt. = attachment
  6. exch = exchanged
  7. nca.= non county area
  8. ch. = changed
  9. Al  – Alachua County
  10. Bak – Baker County
  11. Bay – Bay County
  12. Bra – Bradford County
  13. Bre – Brevard County
  14. Bro – Broward County
  15. Ca  – Calhoun County
  16. Ch  – Charlotte County
  17. Ci  – Citrus County
  18. Cl  – Clay County
  19. Clb – Columbia County

Florida County Map of Road and Highway’s

The Florida Department of Transportation has prepared a series of county road maps. These maps contain more detailed information about man-made features than the geological survey maps.

In addition to roads and boundaries, these maps include rural communities, churches, and cemeteries. T

These maps are downloadable and are in PDF format. The main use of these are the locations of all known cemeteries in a county and of course the various roads and church locations. These Maps are Free to Download.

Old Historical Atlas Maps of Florida

This Historical Florida Map Collection are from original copies so you can see Florida as our ancestors saw them over a hundred years ago.

Some Florida map years (not all) have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines and other features useful to the Florida researcher.

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